Guidelines for host families

We are so grateful you’re considering hosting an exchange student. These guidelines will give you an idea of the expectations we have for our host families.

Write a welcome letter

Your family should write welcoming letter once you receive the student application and mail it as soon as possible according to NISE’s instructions for your student’s home country.

Attend orientation

NISE will hold an orientation for all host families before students arrive where you’ll learn more details about your student’s specific itinerary and activities. We’ll also provide a list of other participating families in your area and info on your student’s customs and culture.

Provide housing and food

Your family will provide a bed (not shared) and a study space for your student guest. You will provide up to three meals per day, depending on the student’s activity schedule, including a sack lunch on most days.

Help them understand

You should familiarize the student with your family’s rules: when you serve dinner, when its okay to “help yourself,” how you handle. Offering a tour of the home when the student first arrives can be most helpful. The student should also learn the names of family members and other visitors.

Encourage learning

Family members can be helpful to the student’s progress by showing interest in English conversation and any required studies.

Provide transportation

You will transport the student to and from the academic center, or work out carpooling with other local participating families.

Be present

Someone should be at home during the afternoons when the student returns from the organized program, or you should make alternate arrangements so the student will not be alone. Though the student should be treated like a family member, it would not be appropriate to use the student as a baby-sitter. You can expect your student to pitch in the same way an American daughter or son might.

Show respect

No attempt should ever be made to change your student’s religious beliefs. However, it is perfectly okay to give your student an opportunity to find out about your religion as part of their cultural exposure. Families who have guns should not display them to the students and should keep them securely locked away at all times.

Communicate with NISE

Your family should accept these guidelines and the authority of the group coordinator (GC) as a representative of NISE. If problems arise which the GC cannot resolve, please contact the NISE office at (503) 222-9803 or toll free (877) 222-9803 for assistance.

Interested in hosting?

Complete the form and NISE will follow up with you about the process of becoming a host family.