The Jesuit Outbound program is one of our distinct bilateral programs. Each year, selected Jesuit High School students travel to Valencia for 3 weeks in July to attend Spanish classes and tour key attractions while staying with Spanish volunteer host families. In turn, the student’s host sibling will immerse in Jesuit High School during September and stay with the student’s family. Students will be single placed with volunteer host families that are required to complete the Host Family Application process, which includes being screened and vetted by the receiving organization and NISE. Host Families are responsible for providing three meals per day, the student’s own bed, transportation to and from the school (if needed, carpool can be arranged), and love and guidance. In case of any emergencies, NISE staff as well as the receiving agency are readily available to support the program 24/7.


“I feel that I learned so much and had a really wonderful time. I tried to push myself and after the second day of the trip, I only spoke in Spanish at home and with people I met from Spain.” –2018 Jesuit Student


“Sam had a fantastic experience in Spain due in large part to his wonderful host family. …We can’t thank you enough for providing such a great program. He loved it—and we didn’t worry about him much at all while he was gone knowing you had things well run.” –2018 Jesuit Family


“I think it was cool to learn Spanish from a local teacher and I think that I learned a lot and improved my Spanish.” –2018 Jesuit Student


“I felt the program really made me learn more about the culture and the little things about Spain and more so, Valencia. I definitely have to return to Valencia to see the beautiful city again. I had such a great time there, and made so many new friends. The school helped me become more confident in my Spanish-speaking abilities, and the host family experience really was life-changing…”– 2016 Jesuit Student


“I learned Spanish in the best way possible: speaking it. The activities were also fun and got us up and going rather than sitting down and listening to a lecture. ” – 2016 Jesuit Student


“I loved my host family! I had such a good time and I would say that we became incredibly close.” – 2014 Jesuit Student


“Valencia was the perfect location because it wasn’t too touristy and we really got to feel a more typical Spanish life.” – 2014 Jesuit Student