The Jesuit Inbound program is the sequel to the Jesuit Outbound program. In September, Spanish host siblings of Jesuit High School students who participated in the Jesuit Outbound Program will travel to the US. They will immerse at Jesuit High School for 3 weeks while single placed with their respective host family of the Outbound program Jesuit student. In addition to attending classes, students will be able to visit various tourist attractions. All Jesuit host families are required to complete the Host Family Application process, which includes being screened and vetted by the receiving organization and NISE. Host Families are responsible for providing three meals per day, the student’s own bed, transportation to and from the school (if needed, carpool can be arranged), and love and guidance. In case of any emergencies, NISE staff as well as foreign chaperones are readily available to support the program 24/7.


“Our student was very kind and it was fun to have her at our house.” -Catherine, 2017 Jesuit Host Mother

“This is a very organized program with great support. It was a beneficial experience for our Lucy and the whole family.” –June, 2018 returning Host Mother