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One of the NISE’s highlights of 2015 was sending the first group of American students to Germany. During spring break, high school students age 15-17 are immersed in a local German high school for several weeks, and will visit tourist locations in host and neighboring cities. Students are expected to follow host family, German partner school, as well as NISE Outbound Program rules, and do their very best to complete classwork. Prior to departure, an orientation will be given to students to prepare for their German adventure. All students are single placed with volunteer German host families with children, and awarded with a certificate of program completion at the end of the program.  Volunteer families are required to complete the Host Family Application process, which includes being screened and vetted by NISE and our German partner agency. Host Families are responsible for providing three meals per day, the student’s own bed, transportation to and from the school (if needed, carpool can be arranged), and love and guidance. In case of any emergencies, NISE staff are readily available to support the program 24/7.

“There were many different aspects that were memorable to this program. The trip to Amsterdam was so great because of the canal tour and because there were so many little shops that were very interesting to look at. Going to the school and seeing the different culture was probably the most memorable part of my trip because I enjoy seeing different things.” — 2017 Cascade High Student 


“My family was amazing. My host sister and I became very good friends and the other siblings and I also got along. The family couldn’t have been better.” — Holly, 2015 Student


“Do it! It’s awesome!” — Katherine, 2015 Student


“I found Germany to be a much better destination than I ever that it would be and I would go back in a heartbeat!” — Karyn, 2015 Student


“Learn as much German as you can before you go! Ask questions and learn about the culture as much as you can while you are there! Be thankful for all your host family does for you! Stay in touch with your family after you are home!”

— Jennifer, 2015 Chaperone