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The 3 Week Summer Program is built similarly to the concept of our 10 Day Summer program, starting around the end of July. All students come from China varying in ages from fourteen to seventeen years old. They will attend English classes at an Academic Center usually at a local school, community center or church and participate in various field trips and cultural activities in the local area. English classes typically start at 8:30 AM and end at 12:00 PM, followed by activities that end at 5:00 PM. The program concludes with a Farewell Party where a certificate is awarded to the student upon program completion. Prior to hosting, all volunteer families are required to complete the Host Family Application process, which includes being screened and vetted by one of our Host Family Recruiters. Host Families are responsible for providing three meals per day, the student’s own bed, transportation to and from the Academic Center (if needed, carpools can been arranged), and love and guidance. Due to a significant number of participants, single and double placements are allowed in the 3 Week Program. In case of any emergencies, NISE staff as well as Chinese chaperones are readily available to support the program 24/7.


“It was an enlightening experience for us. We learned a lot about their culture and life which was interesting. For our daughter, it provides new friends. For all of us, it helped us learn how to behave around their culture. Our girls brought joy to our house! They are a treasure!!! The only sadness is not having more time with them. …It’s wonderful to be able to make an impact on someone who we wouldn’t otherwise meet!”

—Hess Family, 2018 Colorado Springs Host Family


“My English improve a lot! And I have an unforgettable memory with American teachers and volunteers. Also, I do spend nice time with my host families.” —Student, Colorado Springs 2018


“We benefitted just as much as the student did. Great experience I would recommend to everyone.” — Judy & Phil, 2016 Colorado Springs, CO Host Parents


“This was a wonderful experience for our whole family. We all enjoyed learning about a different culture and bonding with our student.”

— Audra & Shawn, 2016 Colorado Springs, CO Host Family


“Amazing experience!” — Niki, 2015 Colorado Springs, CO Host Mother


“Our 4th consecutive year — loved it!” — Rob & Renee, 2015 Colorado Springs, CO Host Family


“My daughter enjoyed hosting these students. She calls them her brothers! We love trying to learn their language and they ours.”

— Elizabeth , 2015 Grants Pass, OR Host Mother


“These two boys were a delight and we adapted to them as they did to our family.”
– Mark & Helena, 2014 Newberg, OR Host Family