NISE offers international homestay programs specially designed to meet the needs of individual students, host families and communities. The majority of our programs are three to four week homestays held in the summer; however, we also conduct short winter and spring vacation programs as requested by our foreign partners. For year-long exchange students, NISE offers an intensive English-preparation program for 5 to 8 weeks before the beginning of the school year. This additional preparation gives incoming exchange students a head start in mastering their classes while attending a public American High School. (To learn more about hosting a year-long student, please visit our sister organization (Education Travel & Culture) website at

NISE provides each visiting student with both a carefully selected homestay and an English language program. An activity-centered English curriculum is emphasized, but a conventional English curriculum is also offered.

All NISE programs include the following:

  • Carefully selected single placement homestays which provide maximum English language acquisition opportunities in a safe and enjoyable environment
  • Experienced and trained ESL instructors
  • English language programs which feature an activity-centered English language curriculum directly related to the rest of the program (A conventional English classroom curriculum is also offered as an option.)
  • A carefully selected teaching and coordinating staff which are trained in cross-cultural issues
  • A selection of quality activities including sports and field trips
  • Close oversight of all homestay, activity, and English language programs to ensure quality experiences for all participants
  • Access to local bilingual interpretation services 24-hours a day